Sanilac and St. Clair CD Tree Sales


Brief History of the Tree Sale: 
You might have heard by now that we offer a SPRING and FALL Tree Sale "Fundraiser".  This is geared toward providing a service and trees with reforestation in mind for residents of Sanilac County, St. Clair County, and the surrounding areas.

Since its creation, we have expanded products and types of trees we offer.   Each spring we offer a slightly different selection of certain hardwoods, based on availability (and sometimes demand).  So if you see something you don't like - contact us in September or October and we can try to get it on next Spring's order form.

Spring tree sale order forms are now available for spring 2017! 

2017 Spring Tree Sale Order Form (Printable pdf version - a clean copy to print off)

2017 Spring Tree Sale Order Form (Fillable pdf Version- a version to fill out electronically, then print or email back to us)

2017 Tree Sale Description Book (pdf version book that has descriptions of what we offer for sale in 2017 and what we have offered the last two years; be patient loading this file, its rather large!)


We are sorry to say that we are SOLD OUT OF:

XL Blue Spruce

President Plum

Wolf River Apples




The Sanilac CD partners with our local QDMA branch to offer a habitat cost share program.  The THUMB QDMA branch is willing to re-imburse up to $100 toward your tree sale bill if you are a QDMA member!     For more details or if you have questions, contact the thumb area QDMA at or call the QDMA at 800.209.3337. 









Here you can find other cool little "tips and tricks documents" and links that relate to the products we offer.  Most of these are PDF files, and may require a PDF viewer/ reader to open them.  If they don't load for you make sure you have Adobe Acrobat.  You can search for it on your favorite search engine, or in your smartphones' app store.

Tree Planting and Transplanting Guide (.2MB pdf file, helps when planning how many trees you need and how to transplant trees for best success)

Fruit Tree Pruning Guide (.12 MB pdf file, that helps when pruning fruit trees (6 or 7 years after they are planted)

PLANTSKYDD (check out our pdf brochure) - Plantskydd is an Organic animal deterrent that helps keep the wildlife away from your trees. (works great on fruit trees, your garden, and can help protect your evergreens in the wintertime)    NOTE: we carry this product all year long, but we offer it as part of our tree sales every spring!  (see tree order form).