MAEAP (Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program) a voluntary, pro-active program designed by a coalition of farmers, agricultural commodity groups, state and federal agencies, and conservation and environmental groups to reduce producers' legal and environmental risks. It teaches effective land stewardship practices that comply with state and federal regulations and shows producers how to identify and prevent agricultural pollution risks on their farms.

Check out the MAEAP website to learn more about the program, educational sessions, and what your farm needs to do to become verified. 

The Sanilac Conservation District and our MAEAP Technician Kyle McCarty have been recognized through the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for their hard work and dedication to MAEAP. A press release with their accomplishments can be found by clicking here.


Yearly our office holds a drinking water sampling event where we offer a free Nitrate/Nitrate Testing service.

This year we are holding it at the Goodells Earth Fair during our annual tree sale on April 29th and 30th.

Please note this is a screening for Nitrate and Nitrate - for elaborate tests - like say... LEAD... you will need a special container and will have to send it to a testing lab.  The local Health Department can help you with that one.   (their website and info can be found here)

You can read more about what we sample and the sampling procedures by clicking here.

Interested persons will also need to fill out the SAMPLE INFORMATION FORM   <click here for the pdf file> or they can also pick it up at either the Wadhams or Sandusky office. We will also have a few available at the Earth fair.

It is important for people (especially newborns and seniors) to be drinking clean, nitrate free water.  I have included a file that tells about what dangers could be in your water (check it out here).  If you are ever wondering what you can do about it or want to test for other things, please contact your local Health Department.




-Starting on Jan 8th 2013 we have started to make our MAEAP - Conservation Corner Radio talks with Stan Grabitz on WMIC 660 AM available.
These are typically the second Tuesday of the month between the 7:30 news and 8:00 AM News slots. 

Here's a few of the past Conservation Episodes:

- Conservation Ag 2:  Erosion control part 1 (RUSLE2 and WEPS)

-Conservation Ag 3: Erosion control part 2 (cover crops, windbreaks and tillage) 

- Conservation Ag 4: Watersheds, and Water Quality

Conservation Ag 5: Forest Management and Tree Sale

-Conservation Ag 6 : Local Food Safety

-Conservation Ag 7: Manure Managment

-Conservation Ag 9: Phesant Restoration

-Conservation Ag 10: Wildlife ponds


Eventually we want to do a questions from listeners section.  Email Kyle with any questions about the Environment and Conservation practices to participate.  Then tune in to hear the answer!

Local Verified Farms

Check out a few of our recently verified Farms!!  Want to add your farm to the list?    Contact our MAEAP Technician today!

Wayne and Randy Wood     Sharrard Dairy Farm     Russell Hay Farms