What's New!?!?!

Spring Tree Sale 2017!  -Now with a Macomb county pickup location!

It's spring tree ordering season! 
Again, we have two versions- one that is clean and ready for you to print off, and one that is a fillable PDF version, which is perfect to fill out on your computer, phone, or tablet - then attach it to an email and send to us!

Print version PDF form- designed to simply print off and write on.

Fillable PDF - designed to fill out on the computer then print off or for emailing back to us.

If you have questions call us at the office or email us: trees@SanilacCD.org  


For product description book and many other goodies- including a QDMA habitat cost share grant that can reimburse part of your tree purchase - check out our 2017 tree sale page.

TREE Order deadline is APRIL 6th, 2017

Please note: we are SOLD OUT of:  * President Plum and *Wolf River Apples


Have you heard about the Saginaw Bay Pay For Performance cost share program?

Our technician, Megan, is working with The Nature Conservancy to offer a cost share program to farmers that are in certain watersheds in the Saginaw Bay - this program is designed to pay for improving your farms' sediment reduction practices, like reduced tillage, cover crops, and more! For more details check out the PFP tab!

** Ask us about our planter rental programs.  we offer No till drills, tree planters, and a small native grass and food plot drill (8' wide, and can be pulled with a small tractor)
<--check out our equipment tab on the menu bar for more information <---


** 2014 Platbooks can be found at both the Sanilac and St. Clair CD offices!  Pick up a 2014 St. Clair county Platbook for $30.00 +tax  you can have us mail you a book for an extra $5.00! you can print off an order form to mail with a check by clicking HERE!




For info about district board meetings - check out either the Sanilac or St. Clair CD page in the menu bar.    Meetings are open to the public.

Location: The Sanilac CD office is located at 50 E. Miller Road, Sandusky.   This is 1 mile south of the M-46/M-19 Junction on Miller Road. Between the DHS building and the "new" Thumb Vet Clinic.

The St. Clair CD office is located at 2830 Wadhams Road, Kimball Twp.  This is in the plaza just south of the Lapeer road and Wadhams Road intersection (east side), in front of the Vinicker's Grocery store.




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